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Just went to see the lego movie. Totally fantastic! But I had the misfortune of seeing a preview for Mr.Peabody and Sherman. Now, anyone who actually knows these characters , good job! Give yourself a pat on the back! But for those who don't, let me explain...

Back in 60's sometime, the Rocky and Bullwinkle and friends show was created. It consisted of a Rocky and Bullwinkle section, some fairy tale story, a Peabody and Sherman or Dudley Do-right, then another Rocky and Bullwinkle section which continued the story from the first segment. This was all cramed into 22 minutes. 

Now the Peabody and Sherman told the story of a genius dog and his boy. Yes, his boy. Peabody adopted Sherman, and kind of took him on as an assistant. Together, they use Peabody's time machine nag go back in time to learn about history. When they get there, some problem arises, which they have to solve so that historic event can take place. They then return to the present (well, the present back then) and the show ends with Peabody making a terrible pun as only the 60's could pull off.

The movie looks terrible. It honestly makes me cry (or maybe those are just leftover tears from the marathon of incredibly sad Mr.Freeze episodes of a Batman the animated series. I cried my heart out every time). I'm actually excited for the fact that it's Peabody and Sherman, which is from my childhood and is lesser known, but I am utterly heartbroken about the fact that it's gonna be sooooooooo bad. 

Fact is, the world is stealing my childhood. Has been for sometime and I never knew. Skylanders ruined Spyro the dragon which my introduction to video games as a kid, there was a Dudley Do-right live action movie (which would have been so stereotypically Canadian it wouldn't even be funny), a Mr.Magoo live action movie, and even more. And now this.  The world should learn to leave my childhood alone! My greatest fear us a Super Chickrpen movie...
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I'm a dork. I've actually looked up the definition of a dork and it suits me to a T. Read the definition of a dork and that is what I am...(no, not the OTHER definition dummy! :facepalm: )

I also recently discovered my love for Douglas Adams' writing. Totally Mind-blowing.
Also a huge Marvin the Martian fan, if you couldn't tell that already.


RUN!!!!! IT'S A BEAR!!!!

:onfire: :iconsharkbodyplz::iconsharktailplz:

‘Simple. I got very bored and depressed, so I went and plugged myself in to its external computer feed. I talked to the computer at great length and explained my view of the Universe to it,’ said Marvin.
‘And what happened?’ pressed Ford.
‘It committed suicide,’ said Marvin, and he stalked off back to the Heart of Gold.

- Marvin the Paranoid Android, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

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