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The Monster
The Monster watched her sleep. He came in through the window, as he did most nights, and watched her sleep.
The Monster wasn't scary; he was lean and had a hard face.
But her face was soft.
Soft with the essence of beauty and youth. The Monster thought she was beautiful. He had never seen anything so beautiful before. She looked so peaceful. A child without a care.
She flinched.
The Monster thought she was having a nightmare, but he dared not wake her for fear of her nightmares becoming real. The Monster only sat and watched her sleep.
This was the only time The Monster got to see her. She never saw The Monster.
The Monster was not bad. He had only made a bad mistake. But her mother had filled her head with stories and had thought her to fear and hate The Monster. She had filled her head with lies.
A noise came from outside her room and her door was opened. Her mother had come to see  she was alright.
Her mother saw The Monster. She did nothing. The Monster saw her mother. The Mon
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Untitled by PaperFox74 Untitled :iconpaperfox74:PaperFox74 1 1
Broken Time 1
Somewhere, there was a small boy was playing with a baseball. The somewhere, in fact, was outside of a quaint house in the countryside, which happened to be within a higher state of being that was home to race hyper intelligent, all-powerful, celestial being. These beings, in some form or another, created the Universe as we know it to be.
The small boy question, was a hyper intelligent, all-powerful, celestial being, but was still to small to take on any important role in the maintaining of the universe. Now to any being, in any Universe, a small boy playing with a baseball poses no threat, unless you belong a race of being called Worgons, where they have no baseballs, so the game is played with type of highly dangerous, highly destructive, vaporizer weapon in the form of a small sphere, and in such a case, a small boy playing with a baseball very much poses a threat. It was a very well known fact among the Worgons that the destruction of one of the main Worgon worlds was caused by a s
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The Cartoonist by PaperFox74 The Cartoonist :iconpaperfox74:PaperFox74 4 1 Happy Valentine's Day! by PaperFox74 Happy Valentine's Day! :iconpaperfox74:PaperFox74 6 3 Gaston and Pierre by PaperFox74 Gaston and Pierre :iconpaperfox74:PaperFox74 9 4
Rematch Part 1
Note: Please keep in mind that this is my first fanfic ever so I apologize if it’s not the best thing you’ve ever read. I also do not own Agent Coulson, Nick Fury, and anything in the Marvel Universe, those rights all belong to Marvel. I only own Android R.A.D, which is a character I have created with my own mind.
Coulson just stood there. Gun raised and ready to shoot. He was acting quite calmly considering he had an enraged Nick Fury ordering him to stand down I his ear piece. He reached up and took the communicator from his ear, and then he heard how silent is was there. Silent, except the sneering words from the figure Coulson had his gun pointed at.
“Do it,” he hissed in a mocking voice.
For a moment, he faltered. For a moment the sensible part of his brain took over, considering the consequences if he pulled the trigger. If he should do it. But then the man spoke again.
“I knew you were a coward. And you should have died as one too.”
That was i
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I'm Canadian so... It's Canada Day! Yay!


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I'm a dork. I've actually looked up the definition of a dork and it suits me to a T. Read the definition of a dork and that is what I am...(no, not the OTHER definition dummy! :facepalm: )

I also recently discovered my love for Douglas Adams' writing. Totally Mind-blowing.
Also a huge Marvin the Martian fan, if you couldn't tell that already.


RUN!!!!! IT'S A BEAR!!!!

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‘Simple. I got very bored and depressed, so I went and plugged myself in to its external computer feed. I talked to the computer at great length and explained my view of the Universe to it,’ said Marvin.
‘And what happened?’ pressed Ford.
‘It committed suicide,’ said Marvin, and he stalked off back to the Heart of Gold.

- Marvin the Paranoid Android, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


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